Why choose us?
  • 31 years of experience in urban transportation planning
  • More than 6000 assignments
  • 44 employees, 33 engineers
  • From research and development to execution plans, we specialize in a wide spectrum of fields
Research and development of transportation
  • Feasibility studies, impact analysis, SUMP
  • Strategic planning, drafting concepts
  • Integrated land- and transport development
  • Development of transportation systems for settlement planning
Traffic Technology and Traffic modelling
  • Surveys on traffic, analysis
  • Preparing traffic databases
  • Traffic modeling, simulation
  • Traffic prognosis
  • Studies, analyses, and research in traffic technology
  • Licencing and execution plans in traffic technology
Transportation planning
  • Detailed planning of transportation networks and establishments
  • Studies, licencing- and execution plans
  • Preparation of transport system plans for settlement planning
  • Preparation of transport system plans for architectural plans
  • Preparation of transport system plans for regional development